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The construction service is at the service of clients of all kinds and businesses. We count on the experience to attend any constructive request and projects.

Projects ranging from someone conceiving the idea, to the materialization of documents and specifications plans; Technical and descriptive memories together with a catalog of concepts with units and quantities, including a base budget; How much it can cost and how it can be done. 

Construction in general, project management, construction management, development of executive projects, among others; Are some of the services we offer. 

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Management of work

We are responsible for organizing and managing the resources, so that a given project is completed within the scope, time and costs planned since the beginning.

Project management

We plan and guide projects from the beginning to the end. Considering every aspect that may be part of a construction.

Development of executive projects

Group of studies generated by a multidisciplinary team, to achieve the obtaining of all the documents, plans, budgets, specifications, physical and financial programs necessary to be able to construct.