"Be fast enough and professionally assertive to meet the customer's needs."

 We are a development company that provides services to the real estate sector and to the development of projects as a construction company. Creating quality projects that meet basic, social and business needs that support vigorously the development of the southeast of the country and with the expectations of the client, is part of our mission. 

To commit in time, quality and cost are just some of the benefits; accompanied by personalized attention, our service is a guarantee. 

Our Services

The construction service is at the service of clients of all kinds and businesses. We count on the experience to attend any constructive request and projects.

Projects ranging from someone conceiving the idea, to the materialization of documents and specifications plans; Technical and descriptive memories together with a catalog of concepts with units and quantities, including a base budget; How much it can cost and how it can be done. 

Construction in general, project management, construction management, development of executive projects, among others; Are some of the services we offer. 


The real estate division evaluates the target markets, so depending on the decision a directed project is executed; We focus on spaces that seek to satisfy a need.

Coming soon with a portfolio of options in southeastern Mexico; Spaces for rent, sale of land, houses, apartments, among others.

We invite you to know our latest project; A private residential called Lúa Elite Residence.